W A X B E R G  C L I N I C




At Waxberg Clinic, we are committed to providing excellent care for our patients.  We utilize the most effective techniques available and tailor our care to meet your specific needs.  We treat each patient as an individual and take the time to understand your health concerns so we can work together to achieve the best results.  Our team of experienced staff utilizes a variety of specific gentle approaches as we strive to restore the health, the wellness, and the quality of life for you and your family.


Why Chiropractic?

Both long term muscle tension and sudden impacts, such as a fall or car accident, can impact your joints.  These may cause joints to be pulled and held out of normal alignment, which can disrupt nerve transmissions that affect the entire body.  Misalignments in the spine and other joint problems can result in decreased mobility, pain, headaches and numbness or tingling both at both the problem site and elsewhere in the body.


Chiropractic works to re-establish proper alignment and mobility of your joints.  This can restore balance throughout your body and allow you to return to pain free movement and optimal health.




  • nutraphysical.  A 15 minute questionaire designed to provide base-line nutritional recommendations that can be reviewed by the doctor. Get your life back from the inside out!
  • Evening massage appointments! 

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